Shunya (Sanskrit ~ “inner silence”)

is the name of a little resort located amongst the beautiful hills in the northern part of Ibiza/Spain between Cala Beniras and San Juan. Embedded in 4 ha of original Mediterranean terraced nature, away from noisy traffic, it offers numerous places for relaxation and contemplation.

The several hundred year old finca was first mentioned in scriptures more than 150 years ago as a relaxing and meeting place for fishermen heading from Beniras to their homes or markets.

It was newly designed and built in traditional Phoenician style by Rolph Blakstad, a well known architect and expert in this field, and Moshe Seibel, a great innovative constructor. It was built according to the latest green technologies, Tachyonized materials were incorporated in any possible ways

Each of the 10 rooms, including the main hall and the restaurant, were individually designed and painted with Tachyonized Stardust which was mixed with a ceramic paint developed by the space shuttle industry which turned the whole building into an EMF safe environment.

The meditation room, whose design and measurements were based on a 3000 year old North African temple which Rolph discovered on one of his journeys, was fully plastered with Tachyonized sand, a donation from David Wagner and UISCA (University of Integrated Science Califonia).

The heating is produced by an outside air heatpump the hotwater by solar technology.